New Android App ‘Genius’ Helps You Understand Lyrics

August 4, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you’re familiar with the website and service known as Rap Genius, you might be interested to know they’ve recently released an Android app which aims to bring the same type of content to users on mobile devices. The difference between Rap Genius prior to the app launch and now is that they have expanded on what they offer and no longer only focus on providing users with lyrics to music from the Rap and hip-hop genre. The service is now called Genius and focuses on multiple different types of music genres so users can find lyrics to their favorite songs no matter the type.

Genius doesn’t just offer up song lyrics though, it also contains info on literature and news as well, and it provides annotations for all of them to help break things down line by line to explain them. It’s a way for users to find out how certain lines of a song or a piece of literature are connected to one another, as well as lay things out in “plain English” to make them easier to understand. That way if you’re not quite sure what something means from your favorite track, you can find it in Genius and have it all broken down for you.

For anyone that’s ever been interested in the meaning behind song lyrics, literature and more, Genius is great for this. You can tap on a song on the app’s front page of featured stuff to browse through what’s hot, or you can search for specific songs or other stuff from the search field bar up top. Once you have something selected you’re presented with the content (I.E. the lyrics) and you can tap on lines of words to have Genius bring up the annotations. They even have videos for certain songs or you can play song audio. You can also sign in if you’re an existing user of the site, or sign up if you’re a new user and that opens up the ability to either upvote or downvote content as a means of social interaction. The app is free, so if you have a thing for lyrics and understanding their meanings, this is probably a must-have app.