Motorola Posts Video showing their new plant in India

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Recently, there's been an influx of companies coming to India and opening up manufacturing plants. It's all part of an initiative by the government there, under the campaign "Made in India". We've seen Xiaomi, ASUS and Microsoft make their way over there and now Motorola has done the same. It really should  not be a huge surprise, given that Motorola is very popular in India with their Moto G and Moto E lines. This morning they announced the news, and since then they have actually posted a video showing how the Moto E is being made in India. Which it's a pretty cool video, actually. You can see it at the bottom of this post.

This new manufacturing plant in India isn't just for Motorola's devices. Since Lenovo owns the company, they'll also be making some of Lenovo's devices there. It's expected that the facility can assemble around 6 million smartphones each year. As you can see in the video, Motorola is making the Moto E over there in India now. Which is one of their most popular smartphones in that part of the world. It appears that the Moto E is still mostly made by hand, which is a bit surprising in this day and age.


While Motorola doesn't sell the Moto X in India – largely because that market wants the lower cost smartphones like the Moto G – could we now see MotoMaker makes its way into India? While it would be nice, I don't see any real obstacles before opening this facility. Seeing as Motorola does all of their Moto Maker devices in China and ships them to the US. It should be much cheaper and faster to ship to India. However, prior to this past month, only the Moto X was done in Moto Maker. So it's more than likely that we'll see Moto Maker expand into India soon with the Moto G now being part of the service.

This is a great thing for India, as it will create more jobs, and generate even more growth and cash. More jobs is always a great thing, no matter where it is.

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