Motorola May Have Leaked New Moto 360 Via Tweet

Motorola's first Android Wear smartwatch was widely popular and still is to this day one of the more sought after Android Wear smartwatches on the market. It's sleek design paired with a now more affordable price tag make it a hard to pass up option, but like with anything in electronics the original Moto 360 is beginning to show its age a little bit. This has a lot of people eager to see what Motorola has in store for the next version of their Android Wear offerings, which many thought Motorola would show off at their event not too long ago.

There isn't much known about Motorola's follow-up Android Wear smartwatch yet, but Motorola may have just intentionally leaked the upcoming version in a video they embedded in a recent tweet. Judging from the picture of the watch being used in the video, the overall design doesn't appear vastly different from the current Moto 360, although it does seem to have some slight design improvements like with the portion of the watch case that attaches to the band. With the original Moto 360 the band fits neatly tucked in between the watch case, and here in the tweeted video the band is attached with tiny arms extending out from the case.

The design also shows off a metal case which would suggest that if this is the new Moto 360 design that Motorola decided to stick with metal as the chosen material instead of moving to another material like plastic. The face design appears the same as well, including the tiny area at the bottom of the display that some users feel makes the round watch face "not round". While potentially catching a glimpse at the watches design is exciting, it unfortunately isn't accompanied by any hardware or specifications leaks. It's also can't be ruled out that this is just a complete mock-up of the upcoming design and may not be final, or it could be a mockup used simply for the purpose of the video and nothing else. In either case, it would seem to have users excited about the possibilities. Another interesting aspect to make note of is that in the video they use the voice command "OK Moto" instead of "OK Google" to issue the command and initiate the action, which could be something coming to the new watch.


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