Microsoft Patent Will Send Shock Alerts Through Clothes

A new patent was discovered from Microsoft that seems a bit out of the ordinary. This new patent will be able to send a slight shock alert to your body when it's connected to your smartphone. There are plenty of questions that are left blank for use to get filled in on but if this patent goes through, it could mean a line of clothing being put out from Microsoft. Now if you're someone who hates those little static shocks when let's say getting out of your car, you might not be too thrilled into picking up this product if the patent ever materializes.

Have you ever noticed that your smartphone might not have a high enough vibrate setting for you to notice and feel when receiving a call, text or notification alert? This new patent could make sure that everyone will be able to tell when it's necessary to check out their smartphone by sending out electrical stimuli to the user. This small little shock will be conducted through clothing and within the patent we can see that Microsoft has shown interest in clothes such as shoes and shirts. Although these shocks won't be limited to just notifications from your smartphone as there are endless ideas that could help consumers throughout the day.

Instead the shock could be able to send out into your body when it senses that your body has been resting in a bad posture for too long. However, the overall idea to this patent is allowing consumers to enjoy their day without consistently looking at their handset during gatherings and events.

There's still plenty of unanswered questions to the patent such as how strong these electrical shocks will be, what type of clothing will be released with this technology along with how it connects to your smartphone. Being that this is just a patent, we may never see this materialize into a product but it's certainly interesting that Microsoft is looking into this idea as a possibility. How practical this might end up being or how popular is unclear as Microsoft would have to have products in the works first.

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