Micromax Is Planning To Release An Android-Based OS

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A number of Android smartphone OEM actually develop their own Android-based skins which run on top of Google’s operating system. Some OEMs actually refer to these skins as Android-powered operating systems because they more or less look completely different than stock Android. Xiaomi’s MIUI OS is actually a great example, considering it looks more like iOS than Android at this point. Well, it seems like India’s biggest smartphone OEM might join the list of companies which develop their very own Android OS’, read on.

Micromax’s co-founder, Vikas Jain, was interviewed by Economic Times and has mentioned the company’s plan to develop an Android-based operating system. Mr. Jain has mentioned that the upcoming OS will feature a number of services and applications which will run on phones, tablets, TVs, and smartwatches developed by the company. Why is Micromax doing this? Well, according to their co-founder, they want to differentiate and bring a unique Android experience to their consumers across all platforms. He has also mentioned that the apps and services they’ll include in this OS will also land on YU products. In case you don’t know, YU is an India-based company owned by Micromax, which actually releases smartphones separately from India’s largest OEM.

This Android-based OS is quite probably being developed by Micromax’s Bengaluru team, and 75 people (mostly designers) acquired from Nokia‘s R&D department. Micromax’s co-founder has also mentioned that the developers will have the option to port their apps to the new OS, and that they’ll release far more details about the operating system in the coming months, though he did not provide any specific dates regarding unfortunately. He did, however, say that the first smartphones sporting this new OS will be available by the end of the financial year.

Keep in mind that these devices will almost certainly going to be really affordable considering that is Micromax’s way. India is a specific market and affordable devices go a long way over there, so it is to be expected that Micromax intends to push its limits. Anyhow, we’ll let you know as soon as the company releases some additional details about this operating system or the upcoming smartphones, stay tuned.