Meizu's Next Flagship to be Powered by Exynos 7420?


Meizu have become a force in the Chinese smartphone market, and while it might have taken them a little longer to reach this point of success than it did Xiaomi, the company has a lot to offer customers. With a range of smartphones that cater to those looking for the best of the best, or those not looking to spend a huge amount of money, Meizu has excellent devices like the MX5 and the recently launched Meizu M2 Note. Last year, we saw the release of the MX4 as well as the MX4 Pro, a follow-up device that was launched towards the end of the year that saw a jump in specifications and features. While many are expecting an MX5 Pro to launch later this year, that doesn't seem to be the case however.

As we discovered earlier in the week, it looks as though Meizu will introduce and launch something quite different this time around. So far, all we know is that the device is to be a glass and metal flagship-class smartphone that will be release before the end of the year. A Fall release is most likely, but right now we can only wait. We now have a little more information on what could be running the show on the inside of this new Meizu device. As GizmoChina is reporting, prominent analyst Pan Jiutang thinks that the new Meizu device will launch with Samsung's Exynos 7420 CPU. While the main reason is perhaps due to the heating issues facing the Snapdragon 810, it probably has more to do with customer perception of Qualcomm's latest processor. Besides, there is a precedent for Meizu using processors from Samsung as they've used Exynos processors before in the past. Considering Samsung seem keen to make a name for themselves in the semiconductor market, we're sure they'll be more than happy to supply Meizu.


This new Meizu device is rumored to cost over 3,000 Yuan in China when it launches, which would make this one of the most expensive devices to come from Meizu. This could be down to the top of the line processor from Samsung, which easily bests the Snapdragon 810 in a number of areas, but it could be because of the rumored premium build.

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