Meizu to Launch Metal and Glass Device During H2 2015?


Meizu has quickly become a Chinese name known the world over, and while they might not have expanded quite as successfully as Xiaomi have, everyone has to start somewhere. Meizu is starting with India, as Xiaomi did, and with their MX4 and M2 line of products, it looks like they have a lot to offer users from all over the world. Earlier this year, we saw Meizu launch the MX5 and while we have all been expecting an MX5 Pro to launch as well, it doesn't look as though that's going to happen as we first thought. Of course, knowing Meizu, we're sure that they have something up their sleeves for the second half of the year.

That device might be something built from a glass and metal construction, or at least this is according to fresh rumors that surfaced earlier today. As GizmoChina is reporting, it appears as though Meizu do have plans for a high-end device for the second-half of 2015, but it might not be the MX5 Pro. Instead of simply a slightly improved version of the MX5 as the MX4 Pro was of the MX4, it appears as though this new device will be something completely new. Or at least, this is what it sounds like from these rumors, especially when we factor in that this new device is said to cost quite a bit more than Meizu's traditional wallet-friendly devices. How much more we'll have to wait and see, but any increase in price has the potential to alienate die-hard Meizu fans in China.


So far, there's nothing known about the internals of this latest device from Meizu, but the company have already said previously that such a device is already in development. That's a positive sign and could mean that the device is to launch in the Fall just like the MX4 Pro did last year. This could also be the beginning of a one-two flagship launch for Meizu, bringing a new product line in altogether, rather than improving on a device launched earlier on in the year.

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