Meizu To Announce A ‘New Project’ Later Today

August 25, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Meizu is one of the more interesting Chinese smartphone OEMs. This company is one of the fastest smartphone OEMs in China, and they’ve already released four devices this year, Meizu M2, M2, M2 Note and MX5. The first three devices are mid-range offerings by the company, and the latter one is actually Meizu’s flagship for 2015. That being said, the company was also supposed to release the MX5 Pro before the end of this year, but it seems like that’s not going to happen considering Meizu has opted to stop making ‘MX Pro’ devices, and will instead make a new premium line of devices in Q1 2016.

That being said, many people are actually wondering if the company intends to release another smartphone before the end of 2015. This is a very interesting question, but we’d be surprised if they didn’t, even though we have no idea what will Meizu release at this point. Well, the company is teasing ‘New Project’ for August 25th (which is today), so that might answer our question. It is obvious that the company intends to announce something later today, but we’re not entirely sure what. They’ve also said that this project is ‘very interesting’, is it possible they’ll talk about their upcoming premium handset already? Well, quite probably not. It is very likely that Meizu will talk about something not related to smartphones, and reports from China say that the company plans to announce ‘Meizu Arts’ project. This is quite mysterious and we’ll have to wait in order to see what’s it all about.

It will be rather interesting to see what is Meizu planning to release later today, even though we doubt it’s smartphone-related. It’s kind of hard to believe this company has no plans to release a new smartphone before the end of the year, but we really didn’t hear anything about another Meizu-branded devices which is supposed to launch in 2015. We do hope, however, that this Chinese smartphone OEM has something planned, we’ll just have to wait and see. Either way, hang tight, we’ll report back as soon as some additional info surfaces.