Link Bubble Is Now Free With Refunds For Paid Users

Link Bubble

Link Bubble is arguably the most unique browser currently available on Android. It allows users to click on any link and have said link load up in a floating bubble in the background. The user can then tap on the floating bubble and be taken to the pre-loaded link that they clicked on originally. This prevents the user from having to stare at blank webpage as it loads up and everything pops into view, a bad user experience that nobody is particularly fond of.

The Link Bubble app got quite a bit of attention and user adoption due to its great use-case of saving the user time when loading links. Then, not too long ago the developer of Link Bubble, Chris Lacy announced that the app was going to be obtaining some new, unnamed leadership. During the same day, Chris also announced that Link Bubble was getting a significant update that included a lot of changes. Now, today, the new developers of Link Bubble have announced another significant change to the app. Starting today, the Link Bubble app will be a completely free app.

From this point on, anybody who downloads the Link Bubble app will get all of the pro features completely free of charge. That means that all users will now have access to an infinite number of bubbles, themes based on website color, and article mode for both mobile devices and Android Wear devices. Users who already paid for the extra Link Bubble features should not worry as they will be refunded for their purchase by the developers. This refunding process does have one catch, though. Users can only be refunded if they paid for the extra features after the app was acquired, which was on August 4th of this year. Unfortunately, users who purchased the pro version of the app before then are out of luck as the necessary purchase data will not be available to the developers.

These new developers of the Link Bubble app have done nothing but greatly improve the app so far. First they gave it a beautiful redesign and now they have just made the app completely free to everyone. It will be great to see what the next update to Link Bubble brings with the developers new focus of “better performance, bug fixes, and customer satisfaction/support.”