LG Trademarks A Number Of “Edge” Names

August 18, 2015 - Written By John Anon

It is probably not that much of an assumption that there is likely to be some animosity between LG and Samsung. Besides both being contenders within the same industry, smartphones, they are also companies who both operate from the same home market, South Korea. While Samsung no doubt dominates in most fields and certainly seems to in South Korea, LG, has been in recent times increasing their presence, appeals, variance of device and generally becoming much more of a sought-after brand. That said, one of the main features that Samsung has used to maximize its mark on innovation over the last year, is the use of the ‘Edge’. The edged variants of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S6 have both brought Samsung back to the forefront of the smartphone market again and re-cemented their position as as company who is creative and still coming up with novel hardware designs. In fact, it was only last week when Samsung released their latest Edge variant in the form of the Galaxy S6 Edge+

Well, following on from this, it is also no secret that LG have been dabbling with their displays and even curved ones like on the LG G Flex 2. And now, it seems LG is looking to get in on the Edge market too. That is, even recent trademark filings are to be believed. It would seem that over the last few weeks LG has been registering a number of trademarks and all of them seem to have an Edge flavoring to them. Some of the register names noted include, G Edge, Twin Edge, Super Edge, Upper Edge, Side Edge, Dual edge and Dual Side Edge. Not to mention, the trademarks seems to note “smartphones” as one of the possible uses for these names.

Of course, filing the trademarks for these names could be due to many reasons. It is is possible that LG are looking to get in on the Edge action, while it is as equally possible that they are just trying to pick them up before Samsung can. Either way though, it is an interesting move by LG and does highlight the ‘Edge’ is something that many companies (besides Samsung) expect to continue to be prominent in the future.