LG Takes Aim At Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Worldwide Availability


It seems obvious that LG and Samsung would have some rivalry between them. After all, they are both South Korean based companies and they do both operate in many of the same industries and markets, like the smartphone market. That said, in spite of this obvious overlapping, it seems the rivalry between the two is much more lighthearted than the likes of Samsung and Apple. For instance, the other day reports began to come through highlighted LG were trademarking a whole bunch of Edge based names. With the 'Edge' being something Samsung is clearly intent on pushing forward with, it was unclear whether LG were literally planning to release devices which used the same name or were simply buying them before Samsung could.

If it was the latter, then this would highlight the type of relationship the two companies enjoy with each other. In fact, another example has popped up today and comes courtesy of LG's Jordan arm of the business. The LG Jordan twitter account has sent out an image very clearly aimed towards Samsung. More specifically, aimed towards Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 device. The image shows a calendar and states "To everyone that marked a note on their calendar. Sorry. We'd never do that to you." Along with the #G4TheWorld hashtag.


For those unfamiliar with what is being teased at here, Samsung unveiled their latest Note device, the Galaxy Note 5 last week. At the same time, it became evidently clear that the Note 5 was not going to be available in Europe (at least not for now) and instead Samsung were pushing ahead with the Galaxy S6 Edge+ in Europe (which was unveiled at the same time as the Note 5). As such, this is where LG are taking aim, making it clear that the G4 is for everyone and regardless of where you live. Of course, as well as being a lighthearted jab at their South Korean neighbor, this is also a good advertising ploy to make sure those who had waited for the Note 5 (and who are not interested in the S6 Edge+) know that they can always choose to go for the LG G4.

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