LG G Watch R Finally Gaining WiFi Support In Latest Update

LG G Watch R AH 1

An update that has been due to hit Android Wear devices for about a month now has finally been officially announced by Google. Said update brings with it two significant new features, interactive watch faces and Google Translate functionality even when there is no connected app. Google has announced this morning that this update will be hitting all of the current Android Wear devices “in the coming weeks,” but at least it’s something to get excited about.

LG G Watch R owners should be especially excited for this newly announced, upcoming Android Wear update. This is because Google also announced this morning that WiFi support will be included in this update for the G Watch R. That means that when this new Android Wear update hits the G Watch R, it will finally gain WiFi support.

WiFi support is a feature that Google rolled out to select Android Wear devices back in April, which allowed Android Wear devices to continue to receive notifications even if the connected phone was out of Bluetooth range. This was done, as the name implies, by both the Android Wear device and the connected phone being connected to a WiFi network. Unfortunately, the LG G Watch R was not one of the Android Wear devices to receive this functionality, despite the fact that it possessed all of the necessary hardware. Thankfully, though, LG did come out and say that the G Watch R would be receiving an update that would add WiFi support after all, just not until Q3 of 2015. Now, that update is upon us, just as scheduled.

If you happen to own an LG G Watch R, don’t worry as there is nothing special that you will have to do once the Android Wear update hits your device. Just download and install the update like you normally would any other update. Like mentioned above, the update will be hitting all Android Wear devices in the coming weeks as a staged roll out, which means some users may not receive the update for a while. Just like any other staged roll out, it will likely require some patience on the user end as they tend to be rather slow.