Leaked Motorola Bounce Offers Snapdragon 810

Motorola Bounce Leak

Prominent leaker, @upleaks, Tweeted today a leak of the Motorola Bounce and detailed a number of the rumored device specifications. The device features a 5.43-inch, QHD (quad high definition, 1440p or 2,560 by 1,440 pixel) resolution display, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor backed up with 3 GB of RAM. The Bounce will feature a choice of 32 GB of 64 GB of internal storage but there is no word if it will include a MicroSD card, as the Moto X devices have. There will be a 21MP main camera and a 5MP front facing unit for selfies and video calling. The battery capacity is cited as 3,760 mAh and @upleaks final comment is simply, “Shatterproof.” The rumored device is due by December.

Looking through the specification, this could be a follow up to the Motorola Droid Turbo, which was released at the end of 2014 and offered a at-the-time great specification. For the Droid Turbo, Motorola appeared to have cherry picked the highest end components available across the industry and placed them into the Verizon-exclusive Android smartphone. The Bounce could be a follow up to this device, and if this is the case it could again initially be sold as a Verizon Wireless exclusive device. The Bounce uses Qualcomm’s most powerful processor available at the moment, exceeding the Snapdragon 808, which we see in the Moto X Style (the Motorola Moto X Play uses the mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset). It has a slightly larger screen than the Motorola Turbo, a generation newer chipset but a smaller battery. We’ve no word if the Motorola Bounce will offer wireless charging or what the purported battery life will be like.

At this juncture, the Motorola Bounce remains a rumored product. We don’t know the software that Motorola will be giving the device, although given Motorola’s track record, if it is not released running Android Marshmallow it is likely to be quickly upgraded to the latest version. We also do not know what regions the device is likely to surface or if it is another Verizon Wireless exclusive device. It could be a device built exclusively for another carrier or region around the world, but given the high end specification and a less-than-massive display, it would appear that the device is set for the United States of America or Europe and looks set to be the best device that 2015 has to offer, even if it is likely to be quickly overtaken in 2016. This is a developing story and we will update you as soon as we obtain further details.