Lara Croft GO Scales The Walls Of Google Play

Square Enix is better known for console game franchises like Final Fantasy, Deus Ex, Hitman, and Tomb Raider, but over the last year or so they have been putting out some really great mobile games, one of which was the popular puzzler title Hitman GO. Square Enix looked to expand upon that by launching Lara Croft GO, another game following in the same puzzle footsteps but this time starring the lead character from the Tomb Raider franchise. Recently they announced that Lara Croft GO would be making its way onto mobile as of August 27th, and sure enough once the clock struck midnight last night it appeared in the Play Store for everyone to download for a cool $4.99.

While the idea is the same and gameplay is similar, Lara Croft GO looks visually different from Hitman GO and takes on more of a polygonal cell-shaded graphic style than a diorama, and there are subtle touches of uniqueness that ultimately make it a little more enjoyable. Instead of having to make it to your destination in a certain amount of steps, you simply have to seek out the right path to reach your end goal and continue exploring. These aren't your only challenges though. Along the way you'll encounter all manner of traps one could expect from the exploration of a series of tombs and ancient ruins like snakes, giant spiders, huge buzzsaw blades and a slightly unseen humongous monstrosity you only catch glimpses of as it follows you upon the completion of a stage, which adds a certain element of foreboding wonder and curiosity as to what awaits you around the next turn.

You'll also come across various artifacts to collect (this is a Tomb Raider game after all) on your expedition which you definitely want to pick up as these allow you to unlock different outfits for Lara, some of which may feel nostalgic to long-time Tomb Raider fans. They won't always be easy to find, though, and once in a while you may have to pass through a level completely and go back to get the artifacts on another try. This is a particular characteristic which was similar to Hitman GO as you couldn't always complete the extra challenges while still making it to your end location to assassinate your target. Controls are fairly easy to get used to and consists of simple swipe gestures in the direction you want Lara to go, and with over 75 levels spanned across 5 chapters there should be plenty of gameplay to sustain you for a little while.


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