Kaboom – The New Self Destructing Message App

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We are all familiar with applications that claim your messages self destruct after a set amount of time but then remain on their servers and eventually get leaked after the company gets hacked.  Well now we have Kaboom who deletes the message off their server as part of the self destruct process.  Kaboom has entered this field of secret message applications with an entirely new approach.

First off, the message is sent via a link so you don’t need the application to view the message.  This could hurt their download numbers but will make it easier to use for people who need this type of secure message transmissions.  Think of how easy it is to share a link on Android.  There are numerous applications that you can send this message through, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Hangouts, etc.  There really is no limit to how you can send a Kaboom message.

Another feature is how you can set your messages up to delete.  Want to send a message or picture to only one person and are worried about someone forwarding the link on to their friends?  Kaboom has the perfect solution to this problem.  You have a few different options as to when your message will delete.  You can delete after a hour, a day, or a number of clicks to the link.  So if you want to send your friend a picture that you don’t want them to share with anyone else have the link delete after 1 click and Kaboom your message is gone after it is read just once!

Kaboom is created by AnchorFree which makes the popular privacy app Hotspot Shield.  Hotspot Shield is a free Virtual Private Network which allows users to get to blocked sites and applications.  Kaboom is a relatively new application that is sure to catch on with a bunch of users and is available on iOS also.  Currently between 1,000 – 5,000 downloads in the play store after just a few days.  This is sure to attract a lot of users especially with the claim of deleting messages of their servers.  Leave a comment below and let us know your experiences with Kaboom.