John Legere: We're Going After Tethering Data Thieves

John Legere is not exactly a person who tends to run with the flow, he usually says what's on his mind. T-Mobile's CEO has been quite actively speaking about various T-Mobile dealings in the past, and he decided to publish another post, an open letter if you will, addressing data thieves basically. This is actually a follow-up to his Periscope broadcast which took place on a Sunday. Anyhow, let's see what T-Mobile CEO had to say, shall we.

So, John Legere didn't exactly call these people 'data thieves', but that's surely what he meant. If you're a T-Mobile customers, and buy the unlimited 4G LTE plan the company offers, you'll get a fixed amount of LTE for tethering for free. Sounds good? Well, some people actually found workarounds which let them steal more LTE tethered data. Not many people are doing that, but Mr. Legere says that some of them actually consume more than 2 terabytes of data a month, which is a problem.

T-Mobile's CEO has said that the company is going to address this issue, here's a direct quote from the blog post: ''These abusers will probably try to distract everyone by waving their arms about throttling data. Make no mistake about it - this is not the same issue. Don't be duped by their sideshow. We are going after every thief, and I am starting with the 3,000 users who know exactly what they are doing. The offenders start hearing from us tomorrow. No more abuse and no risk to the rest of our customers' experience. It's over.''

So, what exactly will happen? Well, T-Mobile will contact the abusers, and if they don't clean up their act, the company will put them on a standard limited data plan, which is something they surely don't want. Mr. Legere didn't exactly explain how did they detect these 'abusers', but I don't think we can expect the company to share information like that. Judging the John Legere's words, T-Mobile actually knew about this for a while, but didn't act on it until now. The company's CEO didn't exactly mention this, but it seems like he's mostly bothered by the sheer amount of data these data thieves are using. The limit of such usage is usually 7GB, so bypassing the system and using over 2TB of tethering data is plain wrong. Either way, we'll keep you posted, stay tuned.

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