Inboxing Video Of The Galaxy S6 Edge+ Shows What's Inside

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Inboxing Unboxing

Samsung created the term “Inboxing” for a video of the Galaxy S6 Edge, which showed how the device was assembled and finally put back into the box. Now, the company has made a similar video for the recently announced larger version of the curved smartphone, the Galaxy S6 Edge+. The new video shows the device being assembled by hand in a very clean and tidy way while showing each of the components. It starts by putting the battery in the middle plate together, along with the fingerprint scanner. Then, the maker puts it together with the dual edge display and the main camera plus the front facing one are put into place. The application processor (AP), RAM and user memory are also integrated on the middle plate. The metallic frame integrates the wireless charging coil and everything is enclosed by the back cover made out of glass. The SIM tray is put inside the rest of the hardware and it is now ready to be packed into the box.

The second half of the video does the unboxing of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ by six individuals, communicating that the phone could appeal to a very wide audience, but most of the items that stand on their desktops are fashion oriented, highlighting the attractive design of the hardware. As in any other unboxing video, they leave the phone aside while they take out the contents of the box. The first thing they take out is the SIM ejector tool, beneath that layer is the wall charger adapter, USB cable, and the headphones, which come packed in a transparent case, so everything looks really premium and well organized. Finally, the phone is turned on to show the colorful boot animation.

As a reminder, some of the specs include a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display, an octa-core Exynos 7420 processor with 4 GB of RAM powering up the device. The internal memory options include 32 GB or 64 GB, keep in mind that this can’t be expanded. The cameras include a 16-megapixel OIS one on the back and a 5-megapixel one on the front, featuring a wide-angle lens. The battery has a 3,000 mAh capacity and there are 4 color options to choose from.