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Earlier today Google's Larry Page announced that he and Sergey Brin were forming a new company dubbed Alphabet. This is essentially the 'new Google' with Google now becoming part of the bigger Alphabet company. Page becomes CEO of the new Alphabet, while Brin adopts the position of President. As such with any new company you can expect a new website and that is exactly what Alphabet has launched today. Just so you know, the URL for Alphabet is Which, is rather fitting for a company whose name is alphabet.

At the moment, you won't find too much in the way of content on the new Alphabet website except for the welcome (or explanation) letter from Page, which looks to briefly explain as to what is happening today and what Alphabet is, why this is happening and what can be expected in the future from Alphabet. That said, the letter does not offer anything in too much detail and instead is simply a letter detailing the announcement of the new company.


Either way and as to be expected, the launch of a 'new Google' along with a new website, is one which is attracting a massive amount of attention on social media. While focusing on the literal meaning of the Alphabet, the URL does seem to be accounting for another noticeable issue. It would seem that Google does not own and instead this is reported to be currently owned by BMW. As such, the use of does seem to provide a dual benefit to the company, as it allows them to not worry about trying to secure website and also offers a very unique take on the company name and one which adds an extra dimension to what is already substantially big news. Either way, if you are interested in keeping up to date with everything Alphabet created in future then you might want to be heading over to frequently. Not to mention, you might want to head over there now and take a quick look at the new site for the company yourself. In other Google news, Hangouts 4.0 is here.

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