Huawei Watch Mentions Compatiblity With iOS Devices

AH Huawei Watch 7

Huawei is one of the most important Chinese manufacturers of mobile devices, and they certainly have reinforced their reputation with the latest products. They’ve been focusing on great designs and solid build quality by using premium materials on their products. The Huawei Watch, which was unveiled back in March is a great example of this, as its design was inspired on the classic watches making it look timeless. Plus, the materials used on its construction were high-quality stainless steel and even sapphire crystal covering the display. We expect more news about the availability of the watch on the company’s press conference during the IFA. The product page on Huawei’s site for the U.S. suggests that the watch will be available in that country and earlier today it was spotted for pre-order on Amazon, so we got to know a few more details.

The company has opted for a strategy similar to the one used by Apple with its smartwatch, as their premium offerings built with better materials will be more expensive. Regarding its specs, there are some details that came up a little striking, particularly the compatibility. It mentions that it is compatible with devices using iOS 8.2 and Android 4.3 or later versions of both operating systems. The Huawei Watch uses Android Wear, so compatibility with Android is not surprising, but up to now the platform is not compatible with iOS devices, suggesting that Android Wear might get an update to make it compatible with Apple devices as it has been rumored a few times.

As we know, Apple is dominating the smartwatch market, even with the many options of designs and materials used in Android Wear watches, but in general, sales of smartwatches have not met expectations. Perhaps the solution is to make Android Wear compatible with more devices, as users wouldn’t have to change their current smartphone in order to have the smartwatch of their choice. This is only a theory for now, so we need confirmation from Google about the update for Android Wear, the updates of the platform, even the big ones, are usually communicated through their official blog, so there’s no need for a big event.