Huawei: "Incorrect" Huawei Watch Information On Amazon Listing


With IFA inching closer each day, the hype and speculation around a number of devices is reaching fever pitch. This year, a number of the rumors has circulated around smartwatches with the two most reported on being the Gear S2 from Samsung and the next-gen Moto 360 from Motorola. Both are looking to be top tier smartwatches and both have a lot of speculation to live up to. However, they are not the only watches that will be on show. In fact, there is likely to be quite a few making an appearance this year including the ZenWatch from ASUS and the Huawei Watch.

In terms of the latter of these, the Huawei Watch was noted earlier this morning making an appearance on Amazon. It has long been a matter of debate as to how much the Huawei Watch would cost and the Amazon listing seemed to provide some indication on what to expect price-wise, confirming that the Huawei Watch will start at $350 and go right up to $800 depending on the selection chosen. Following the initial Amazon news, an interesting report emerged shortly afterwards noting that the Amazon listing was also confirming that the Huawei Watch will be compatible with iOS devices.


Well, since then, the first update is that the Amazon listing for the Huawei Watch has now been pulled by Amazon. The second update is that Huawei has now provided a statement confirming that a "partner website" provided "incorrect information about the upcoming launch of the Huawei Watch." As such, it is presumed that unless they are talking about the cost of the Huawei watch, then they must have been referring to the fact that it will work with iOS devices. Huawei concluded their comment on the matter by stating "We have nothing to announce at this time" and lastly adding "Stay tuned for more details next week." Further confirming that the Huawei Watch will be on show at IFA and full details announced. Although, the Huawei Watch was first unveiled all the way back at MWC in March, the hype around this watch has remained high thanks to the way in which the company had portrayed it as one of the most luxury smartwatches around. Thankfully, the hype is likely to come to a close next week when Huawei does confirm U.S. availability.

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