HTC Giving Away $100 Play Credit for buying HTC One M9

AH HTC One M9 9

HTC has been going through some rather major issues as a company, with its stock dropping more every day and less revenue coming from smartphone sales, the Taiwan-based corporation must take some immediate and drastic action to stop the company’s current status from degrading even further. Today, the once immensely popular smartphone manufaturer, is just a fraction of what it represented a few years ago, when it was competing directly with the largest and most powerful original equipment manufacturers in the world, such as LG and Samsung. Today, a new move by HTC has been revealed to up the low sales of its latest flagship, the HTC One M9. Starting today, the company will offer $100 in Google Play Store credit when purchasing a brand new device from any carrier, including unlocked models of the One M9. It is not the first time that HTC has launched this kind of campaign, as the company recently held a similar promotion, but limited to Verizon models of the HTC One M9.

The newly launched promotion will be available for everyone until October 31, and although the $100 in Google Play Store credit is the main selling point, it will not only include that. HTC will also give a one-time free phone replacement warranty for the first 12 months since the smartphone’s day of purchase. The permissive warranty covers any kind of damage done to your device, ranging from cracked screens and even water-related havoc. The steps to redeem your Google Play Store credit if you do purchase a brand new HTC One M9 is first to go to HTC official site for the promo at HTCGooglePlayPromo.com and enter the code for your exclusive credit. After entering the site, HTC will guide you through the whole process, with an easy to follow on-screen guide.

HTC surely demonstrated that it is somewhat desperate to boost the sales of its latest flagship device as they have severely dropped ever since the device’s initial release, as it failed to impress the overall consumer. With the One M9, HTC opted for a safe approach without any major improvements over the previous iteration, something that has costed the company an enormous amount of sales.