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The world of tablets is not exactly doing very well right now, with tablet sales stalling or at worse, declining in some markets, we're sure many industry analysts are wondering what's next for the slate. Android tablets, for a long time, gained market share simply because they were more affordable than the iPad and competitors. The original Nexus 7 was incredibly good value and arguably put Android tablets on the map. Since then, manufacturers like HP and ASUS have tried to capitalise on the lower-end market when it comes to Android tablets, and it seems to be working, at least not in massive quantities.


It appears that HP is working on a new 10-inch Android tablet, or at least it looks that way when looking through recent pictures from the FCC. As Lilliputing has discovered, a 10-inch Android tablet with the model number "HP 10 G2" has passed through the FCC with a MediaTek MT8127A running the show, which is a quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU. This is the same sort of processor that debuted in the first-generation Moto G, and it's safe to say that performance might not be quite what you'd expect from such a tablet. The 10-inch display seems to be worked into the front of the device pretty well, but with no details on resolution just yet, we can't say for sure how good a quality it'll be. With that MediaTek processor however, it's clear this is going to be a budget affair. Which isn't a bad thing, but for HP it might be a struggle what with Samsung offering up the Galaxy Tab A line for those looking for something on a budget.

More images of the inside and out of this new tablet can be found in the gallery below, but this is not something to get too excited about. A great first-time tablet or one for those that aren't sure whether or not they'd use one, the HP 10 G2 is probably going to be cheap enough for a second tablet as well, which might make this a good hobby project, but a Nexus 9 this ain't.

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