Hearthstone's 'The Grand Tournament' Expansion Goes Live

Blizzard Entertainment is behind some of the most popular games on a varied set of platforms, and that includes the free, and wildly popular card battler Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft which launched on Android smartphones in April of this year. Since the launch there has been one expansion and two single player adventures added to the game, and earlier this year Blizzard unveiled the upcoming second expansion to be added called The Grand Tournament. Today Blizzard has officially launched the second expansion and players of Hearthstone will be able to get their hands on new packs containing all new cards to optimize their decks and take down their opponents.

Whether players are new or a seasoned veteran, The Grand Tournament expansion adds 132 unique cards to the mix that they can get their hands on. Players can use these new cards to put together some truly awesome new decks or enhance some already existing ones they have in play. In addition to the new cards, The Grand Tournament expansion adds in some new game mechanics like the new "Inspire" keyword that players can use to give themselves a boost, as well as the new Joust mechanic. Inspiring minions can increase strength and bring about health restoration as well as gain your minions some reinforcements, but the Inspire keyword can only be triggered by using a Hero Power.

As for the Joust mechanic, this is a single combat, one-on-one between two minions picked randomly from the players' decks. The Jousts can significantly improve the match for the initiating player, as winning will gain them a notable boost that could help them to win the overall match as well. Since this an expansion and not a new adventure, players will not have any new single player campaigns to go through, but they will have new cards to obtain which can be purchased in decks as an in-app purchase for varied amounts depending on how many decks are picked up. The expansion is now live, so players should be able to dive right and grab the new decks as of now and start putting together some game-winning strategies.


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