Google X Life Sciences Group Becomes Separate Company

Ever since Google revealed that the company would be making some changes as to how Google will be moving forward we've been learning about new companies and divisions taking root. If you can recall, Google announced that they will now be under a new holding company known as Alphabet which will hold several smaller companies and divisions. For instance, Alphabet owns Google which would be headed under CEO Sundar Pichai while other divisions would be established as various businesses under Alphabet. Today we're finding out that the group who are responsible with projects like the Project Contact Lens will become its own business under Alphabet which means we'll see all sorts of new health advancements come from this life sciences group in the near future.

If you're unaware of Google X, this is a private division within Google that was responsible of delivering several products and advancements since it was first founded back in 2010. Some of the works that came from Google X includes self-driving cars, Project Glass, along with Project Contact Lens, one of the projects we made mention of earlier. The life sciences group responsible with Project Contact Lens developed contact lenses that would allow individuals to check their glucose levels instead of using non-intrusive methods.

Furthermore, the life sciences group was working on a wristband developed in mind for doctors and patients. The wristband would be issued to a patient by a doctor as a means to constantly check up on their different vital signs like pulse, heart rhythm, skin temperature, and environmental information. Because of the wristband, this would allow patients a little more freedom from having to make consistent doctor checkups along with having more of a normalcy back into their lives.

Now that the life sciences group is its own separate company and pulled out of the Google X division, we can expect more projects being turned out from the company. Heading the company by taking the CEO position is Andy Conrad who is a molecular biologist that joined Google back in 2013. According to a post made by Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, the company will still contain the same goals as they continue to work with life sciences and new technology advances.

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