Google+ V6.1 Update Cleans Out Photos Feature

Google + like all Google apps is due to get some changes from time to time when the search company begins to roll out updates to the app/service, and today marks the beginning of another one of those moments as some Google+ users have started to get Google's latest version update of the app. Not all users will see this update immediately, the same is true for generally any other app update as they begin to show up on devices, and in this case if you're one who doesn't care for waiting, we have the apk download for you so you can install Google+ version 6.1 if you're ready to do so.

So what's new in this latest update? For starters, Google has begun the removal of the Google+ photos functionality within the application, meaning users will no longer be able to access the Google + Photos areas. This shouldn't be any kind of a shock to users as Google has mentioned on more than one occasion that the Google + photos sections would be going away in light of the release of Google stand alone photo service called Google Photos. This separation is simply them following through on an already planned task. Removing things isn't the usual plan of attack with an app update, but Google isn't afraid to disable things that aren't working, as was the case when they removed the circle sharing feature from the app back in may. The difference here is that Google has been fairly open about the removal of the photos features in Google+ because there would be no need to have them following the launch of Google Photos.

Alongside the Google+ Photos feature being fully removed from the app, Google is also laying the proper groundwork for Android M when it comes to permissions. As there will be some changes to the permissions for apps with the new version of the Android OS, this is something that not only Google, but other developers too will end up having to implement at some point before the new version of the software begins to hit supported devices. That's about it when it comes to what's new here, and although most people are likely receiving the update by this point the apk download link for this version of the app is above.

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