Google References 'Silicon Valley' In Alphabet Blog Post

Google has no doubt surprised and shocked plenty of individuals with today's announcement about appointing a new CEO of Google, but then also announcing another new company which oversees Google as well as any other company Google itself owns. The new company name: Alphabet. It might seem like an odd choice, but it starts to make sense when you consider the list of companies under Google's umbrella that all start with different letters. If you're familiar with Google and the many different types of products and services that they offer, then you may know they have a thing for easter eggs and whimsical jokes.

Even at a time like this when Google is announcing something like Alphabet, they've found a clever little way to insert an easter egg. If you visit the main Alphabet webpage, (which you can find in the source link) make note of the web address which reads "" This is not too unlike that of the fabricated web address for the company Hooli in HBO's popular comedy series 'Silicon Valley.' Even more amazing here is that Google actually hides the link to this web page inside of their announcement post, something which Silicon Valley fans are sure to get a little enjoyment out of.

If you read all the way through the blog post, or just skip to the part where they reference their project called "Wing" which is their drone delivery initiative, you can click the "period" right after the word effort which opens up a link to the web page. Alternatively you can also just click here to check out the hooli site. If you hover your mouse over the period for a minute it will even bring up the web address which is likely how someone stumbled upon the link. This is just Google's way of having a little bit of fun with something like a serious announcement and shows that even as a new company they can still bring out the same sense of humor people are used to seeing from them. It  might be nerdy humor, but fans of the shows, as well as fans of Google's products and services have likely come to enjoy these little things. If you watch the Silicon Valley series, hop on over to the hooli page and scroll through some of the "inspirational" things you can find.

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