Google Photos Updated To v1.3 With Added Editing Features

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Google Photos was one of the highlights of this year's I/O event. It had been rumored to be coming, but the news that the app will be available to download and install the same day caught everyone by surprise. Since then, Google has been pretty quick and regular at sending out updates to the app. In fact, pretty much on a monthly basis the Google Photos app has seen an update with the last update to v1.2 arriving in July, now is about that time and Google is in the process of pushing out the next updated version of Google Photos.

The update will bring your Photos up to version 1.3 and with it comes some interesting features. The first is that Google Photos will not be able to collate and animate images taken with the Google Camera app. While this is a feature which was already present in Google Photos, the changelog would assume that this was not working previously with Google's own Camera app. If that is the case, then it is now. One of the more interesting features is that Google Photos now allows you to log in using a Google+ Page. If you have more than one page, then it would seem you will be prompted which page you would like to open within the app.


Another new feature is the ability to rearrange images within an album. This is a manual rearranging and means you will be able to physically move images from one part of the album to the other. This was actually a feature that Google announced yesterday as coming and lets you alter the timestamp of images. There is also a new trim feature for videos when they are being included in movies and there is also a new timeline user interface when movie editing. As is always the case with these updates, you may have already seen it arrive on your device. If you haven't, then chances are that it will soon enough. If you cannot wait and would rather push the update to your device yourself, then you can download the APK via the link below

Google Photos v1.3 APK

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