Google Photos Adds Timestamp Editing

google photos

Google Photos launched earlier this summer at Google I/O. Basically, Google rebranded Google+ Photos into Google Photos, but did add some more pretty awesome features. The fact that it keeps all your pictures in the cloud is cool, but the fact that it can quickly download them and show them on your device is even cooler. Especially for those with larger photo libraries, that would normally take much longer to download.

Google has steadily been rolling out new features to Google Photos, and yesterday they announced Timestamp editing. So now you can edit when the picture was taken. With this change, you are also able to reorder the photos in your album based on the timestamp. Which in itself is pretty cool, actually. According to Google Photos post on Google+:


"We're always listening to your feedback and we're are happy to announce a few often requested updates for the web. Change the timestamp of your photos, and Reorder your photos in an album"

Google Photos is available for both iOS and Android. Simply download the app and turn on auto-backup and all of your pictures will make its way into the cloud. Another cool feature is the fact that it only uploads camera photos by default. When new folders are created for screenshots, Twitter, Tumblr, Whatsapp, etc., the app will ask you if you want those uploaded. Pretty simple to do, and pretty effective.

Something else you'll probably notice with that image that Google Photos has, is the fact that it shows the "LGE Nexus 6". Now if you remember, LG only made the Nexus 4 and 5 officially. So could this be Google subtly trolling us again? They already admitted yesterday that they do troll us enthusiasts quite often. With Dave Burke wearing a watch at Google I/O with Milkshake on it. So it's quite possible, actually.

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You can check out Google Photos full post on Google+ by hitting the source link below. Hopefully they add some other useful features, like being able to remove the EXIF data from our photos from the web. That would be very helpful for many people.