Google Given Two Week Extension To Address EC's Accusations

Google logo July 2015 AH 3

Google is still in quite a lot of trouble from the European Commission, all due to some rather serious accusations by the administrative entity. These allegations, acquaint Google of taking all the necessary steps to limit just how prominent its many competitors are inside Google’s own products, but primarily targeting Search. Although the European Commission has been investigating Google’s way of doing business for at least five years, back in April the EC stated that Google had only 10 weeks to give an official response to the many accusations and demands that the European Commission has given the internet giant. In June, the EC decided that Google could have an extension until August 17, which is in just a few days. Fortunately for the now subsidiary of Alphabet, yet another extension has been given to the company, until August 31.

Google had one of the biggest and most controversial changes in its whole history just a few days ago, as Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded an umbrella company to look after Google and its former numerous branches to give the company a better identity and allow it to be better focused in its own core services. Many people thought that this move had a lot to do with the constant pressure from the European Commission and that its recent split up was one of the demands from the entity. Ultimately, it was determined that the creation of Alphabet was going to help relieve some pressure from the EC, but today it has become clearer that it is quite the contrary, as a spokesman for the European Commission made public that “A company does not insulate itself from a competition investigation through a change in corporate structure”. This means that contrary to what was believed, the European Commission will further pursue Google’s alleged conspiracy of competitors charges.

It is unclear if Google will actually respond within the two-week deadline set by the European Commission, or if the company will take some action to avoid any further accusations which may lead to serious repercussions. But one thing, is clear, the European Commission will continue do everything in its power to limit Google’s dominance in Europe.