Google On Companion App Released For OnHub Router

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A little earlier this month Google dove into the WiFi router business by releasing a new WiFi router called OnHub. The router came out of the blue but had many people excited when they heard of the great technology packed into the OnHub. It contains 13 antennas and is capable of 802.11 b/g/n/ac at 2.4 and 5GHz, but the best part is how the router supposedly performs. Most routers nowadays find the best, least congested wireless channel only when they are restarted, which leads to obvious speed problems as wireless channel congestion changes all the time. With the OnHub, the device will automatically scan for and switch to the least congested wireless channel every five minutes meaning that hypothetically it should provide the fastest speeds possible virtually all the time.

With the announcement of the OnHub router earlier this month also came the announcement of something a little different, a companion app built just for the OnHub. Many people who ordered an OnHub router don’t have that much longer to wait for their device to arrive and now it looks like the companion app will be ready for them as it has just hit the Google Play Store only moment ago. The app is called ‘Google On’ and supposedly makes making changes to your OnHub router much simpler than most routers out there.

Here is what Google says that the Google On companion app for the OnHub router can do: help set up your OnHub in just a few minutes, learn how to improve your WiFi connection if there’s a slowdown, run a network check to test your connection speed, easily share your network name and password to family and friends, make changes to your settings, remotely provide or receive assistance from family or friends. The app will essentially let you control every aspect of your OnHub router with a simple and intuitive interface so that anybody could do it. Anybody can head over to the Google Play Store and download the app now, but it won’t do you much good as the app requires you to have an OnHub router. If you’re one of those people then you will want to click on this link to be directed to the Google Play Store to download the Google On app and be prepared.