Google Adds ‘Rediscover This Day’ Feature To Google Photos

August 20, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Google Photos is a service which was highly rumored and speculated upon prior to its actual launch at I/O. It was considered to be an app which would revolutionize the way in which images could be used and since its release, that sentiment does seem to hold true. The Google Photos app has been widely covered since its release and its numerous features are always been noted. These include the likes of the Assistant which can automatically collate and animate groups of images that you have taken. Not to mention, it has the ability to recognize groups of images by content like faces, dogs and so on and similarly, group these together for you too.

That’s not all though. As well as the out of the box features that have come through, Google has been very routinely updating the Photos App on a monthly basis and adding new features. In fact, it was only yesterday when the latest update came through which indeed improved editing features and the ability to rearrange the timeline of images. Well, it would seem that Google is not finished adding features just yet, as the company has today announced another new feature which is coming to the app.

The feature is being called “Rediscover this day” and as the name suggests, allows uses to see blast from the past images. The new feature will remind you of certain memories from the past. For instance, if you climbed a mountain this time last year, then Google Photos will remind you of it. Presumably, this means it will also remind you of some events that you may not actually want to remember too. If you’re more worried about this latter aspect, then don’t be. Google has confirmed that this is an opt-in feature and if you do not want to be reminded of any times (good or bad) then you can remain opted out by default. In terms of the feature, the Google post details that it is available in the latest version of the app, for those who haven’t downloaded it yet. For those that have the app, it is rolling out to your devices as an update, as we speak.