Gmail Can Now Create Calendar Events For You

August 25, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Over the last year, Google has been implementing multiple changes to their various apps and services. While all of these changes have seen a level of micro evolution as an independent service or app, what has become clear, is Google are continuously looking for ways to bridge these services and apps. Resulting in much more of a cohesive experience, regardless of which app you are using. The latest update to Android in general, Lollipop, brought an aesthetic unifying aspect to all of Android’s (and thereby Google’s) apps and services, however, functionally they are also becoming much more integrated with one another too.

Today, Google has announced another update and this one again, unifies features from one Google application with another. The two Google services in question are Gmail and the Google Calendar and the new feature means that any email you receive through Gmail and which contains specific information like flights, hotel reservations and even restaurant bookings, will automatically be synced with your Google Calendar. This means that Google Calendar events will instantly be created and all the data you will need for those appointments, flights, bookings, will be available through Google Calendar. Without you having to actually migrate any of the data yourself. Probably more importantly, you will never have to worry about creating Calendar events for any important travel or booking dates. It will be done for you as and when the information comes in through email.

In fact, the Google announcement details that this feature will be intelligent enough to be able to adapt when needed. So if you book a flight, when you receive the email, the Calendar event will be created. However, if that flight becomes delayed, changed or cancelled, then the Calendar event will update. That is, as long as the updated information arrives via Gmail. For those wondering what they have to do to start using this feature, then the answer is nothing. Google has confirmed that the feature will be activated by default and for those worrying about prying eyes, the Calendar events will only be visible by the account holder. Therefore, if you share a Calendar (that you own) with others, they will not be able to see the synced Gmail data. Not to mention, users will have the ability to delete or change events whenever. As well as being able to disable the feature altogether of course.

The roll out is scheduled to begin over the next week and all users will receive a notification letting them know that the feature is now live, while also providing them with a link to opt-out. Once the update does arrive, this one time advisory message will either show up on your mobile or desktop Gmail, depending on which is accessed first after updating.

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