Gaming Weekly August 28th: Final Fantasy, Humble Bundle And More!


The end of the work week usually means there will be a little more time for the things we enjoy on our downtime, and for you that's games, then we've got a round-up of details about game updates and game bundles which you might find amusing. If you've missed out anything gaming related from during the week, we've got you covered here with some bits and pieces.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper To Get New Crossover EventAH Final Fantasy Record Keeper-2

There's no doubt Final Fantasy is likely Square Enix's most successful franchise, and it's easy to see why. One of their most recent Final Fantasy games for mobile called Record Keeper gives fans and players of the game a taste of memorable battles and characters from past Final Fantasy titles, and fairly often they'll hold in-game events which can have some pretty decent rewards for participating. Square Enix has announced a new crossover event on the horizon which should delight those who play Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix's popular fantasy themed MMO for PC and console. The new event will be called Flames of Vengeance and will introduce a couple of the characters from that game as playable characters in Record Keeper after completing the Final Fantasy XIV dungeons that have been added. This is also a limited time event so players of Record Keeper will want to keep an eye on it, which is slated to come sometime next month.


New Games Come To PC And Android Bundle 13Humble Bundle

If you're familiar with Humble Bundle and the work they do, then you know that they're all about giving gamers awesome deals on packs of games for whatever gamers choose to pay. The catch is that there are specific games which can only be unlocked by paying the average. Paying the average also gets you access to unlock any games added to the bundle later on. Earlier this week Humble Bundle added some more games to the most recent bundle, PC and Android Bundle 13, and those games include Secret of the Magic Crystals Complete, Doodle God, and Strata. These three are in addition to what was already available which included Crimsonland, Neverending Nightmares, Beatbuddy: Tale of The Guardians, and Fotonica which you could pick up by paying whatever you want, as well as Tiny Keep, Crowntakers, and Monster Loves You which could only be unlocked by paying the average which is #.04 at the time of writing. If you're interested in this bundle, you can grab it from the Humble Bundle website.

Gaming Quick Hits

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