Gaming Weekly August 21st: Final Fantasy, Modern Combat 5, And More!

August 21, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

With the weekend here and likely plenty of free time coming up, there’s no better opportunity to get caught up on what’s happening in the world of mobile gaming. We’ve got a round up of some of things you’ll likely want to know from newly released games to updates.

Square Enix Launches Final Fantasy Portal AppFF Portal

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan then this app which SE showed off back at E3 in July should be right up your alley. It hosts a ton of content and related news about Final Fantasy games, products, updates and more, and it even features a couple of mini games to play including the popular Triple Triad card game featured in FF VII and FFXIV. There’s also a mini game for the classic Final Fantasy (portal version), and by using the app as well as logging in you can earn points just for interacting which can be used towards things like wallpapers and other digital content. Triple Triad has over 300 available cards to play with and you can play in single or versus mode depending on how you feel. Definitely a cool app for the FF lover.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Gameloft Brings More Content In Modern Combat 5 UpdateModernCombat5_UP04_BGImage_6000x1125_EN

If you play the popular mobile first-person shooter Modern Combat 5, Gameloft recently updated the game with some new content worth mentioning. There’s an all new map for people to play on in the multiplayer mode which should make things more exciting as new maps are always a good bit of fun. In addition to the new multiplayer map there is also a set of new weapon trinkets which have been added, five in all, and Gameloft has also added in the ability for players to customize their armor for each specific class, including a tactical suit with stats and status perks, and new camo customizations. The update went live officially yesterday so most everyone should already have gotten and be able to dive into this new content. It’s worth noting though that Gameloft states some content is unlocked progressively, while some of it is available straight away.


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