Gaming Weekly August 14th: Final Fantasy, HyperDevbox, And More!


Just in case you missed any of this week's gaming details we've got the need to know stuff rounded up for you here. There's a couple of tidbits about game updates and game sales, as well as some details about upcoming stuff. If you're trying to figure out a new game to play checking out the sale stuff might be a good idea.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Gets Big Second updateAH Final Fantasy Record Keeper-2

Final Fantasy Record Keeper was updated earlier this week, but just in case you missed our earlier coverage we'll lay out the breakdown. One of the biggest changes has to do with enemies in the game. When you're engaged in battles your enemies will now show HP bars so you know how much health they have left. There were also some balance changes to multiple characters including Celes, Cyan, Squall, Snow, and Vanille. if you're a seasoned veteran of the game or someone who has played it before this update, you'll be happy to know Soul Breaks can now be mastered, and you can take up to four with you into battle without having to equip the specific weapons and such that have those soul breaks attached to them.


You can also now toggle auto battles to "always on" if you like to sit back and watch the battles happen, and you can also now tap the record materia button to show which materia you've collected as well as what you need to do to get the ones you don't already have. If you haven't played Final Fantasy Record Keeper yet, it's quite fun especially if you love Final Fantasy titles. They also have a contest going on right now where you can win some cool prizes just by playing. You can grab Final Fantasy Record Keeper from the Play Store.

HyperDevbox Puts Handful Of Games On SaleExZeus2_02

You may or may not be familiar with HyperDevbox, but they have some pretty decent games on sales right now which might be of interest. You can find ExZeus 2 and the original ExZeus Arcade on sales as well as a handful of RPG titles and Indy 500 Arcade Racing. All the games are on sale for 45 percent off which means you should be getting a pretty good price cut. This is especially great for the games like Record of Agarest War and Record of Agarest War Zero, two rpgs which are normally over $10. You can check out HyperDevbox's list of games here in the Play Store.

Gaming Quick Hits

Guardian Stone: Second War enters soft launch on Google Play – Play Store


Strategy game Vikings: War of Clans launches on Google Play – Play Store

Pixelbite┬áreleases chapter 3 of Space Marshals – Play Store

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff gets PeterPalooza update – Play Store


EA Mobile to launch EA Sports FIFA on September 22nd – Blog post

Gameloft updates Dragon Mania with loads of new features and content – Play Store

Prehistoric platformer Dinofour launches on Google Play – Play Store


Indie game Card Crawl launches on Google Play – Play Store