Gameloft Outs Order And Chaos II : Redemption At GamesCom

If you're a gamer chances are you may know a thing or two about Gamescom or at least know of it, the big gaming conference happening right now in Cologne, Germany. In fact, it's Europe's largest gaming trade fair. The biggest names in gaming are all there right now showing off their latest and greatest of what's to come and this includes mobile game developers. Gameloft is one of those developers who has just recently announced their next big project that they're currently working on, Order and Chaos II: Redemption. This will be their follow up MMORPG for mobile to the original Order and Chaos that came out years ago.

For those immediately interested either because they love huge, expansive worlds or were fans of the original Order and Chaos, or both, sadly there isn't much detail to go off of for the second game at this time as Gameloft hasn't shed light on more than a few pieces of information. They've stated that Order and Chaos 2: Redemption takes place after the first game by about 600 years' time, and that the heroes are being reborn to greet the evil which will once again attempt to destroy the world. That's just a tiny detail from the backstory which Gameloft has yet shared alongside the teaser trailer below. Gamers can probably expect to see much more polished and impressive graphics compared to the first game, and there will most certainly be in-app-purchases, quests, dungeons, raids, crafting, multiple playable classes, guilds, mounts, chat and all the things that make an MMO an MMO.

If you hop on over to Gameloft's pre-registration page for the game, they list off a number of different consumeable items which players will be able to acquire to help them in certain ways throughout the game. One item is an experience potion which allows your character to gain a 100% experience boost as you quest and complete dungeons and such, and it lasts for a period of 24 hours. Players will surely have opportunities to obtain these without paying for them, but it's also highly likely that Gameloft will set up some form of payment system where players can either buy these directly with real money or with some form of premium in-game currency, which can be bought with real money.

There are other items too, including something called Dream Fragments used to enter special "dream dungeons" and acquire awesome rewards. The most concerning is an item called the "vigor elixir" which states, "When you feel your strength is leaving you and you cannot go on, this elixir will restore you and enable you to continue on your quests!" This reveals that there will almost certainly be an energy system in place, and that you will only have so much energy that allows you to complete quests for experience, gold, items, loot etc. Once your energy runs out, you'll either have to wait until it replenishes or use a vigor elixir, which, you will likely have to buy. If you're someone who sees yourself as playing this game a lot when it launches later this year, pre-registration is something you'll want to consider as you'll gain in-game rewards of some those items, and since gamers will likely have to pay for them, acquiring as many for free as you can is a good idea. Pre-registration should also help you stay up to date on anything Gameloft shares about the game going forward.

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