Galaxy Note 5 Dual-SIM has no MicroSD Card Slot

August 17, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Last week, after Samsung had announced the Galaxy Note 5 here in the US at their Unpacked event. There were some rumors going around that the dual-SIM version would be coming with a microSD card slot. However, it appears that it will not be. As pre-orders have opened up today for the dual-SIM variant, and there is now microSD card slot available. While it would have been a bit odd to offer a dual-SIM Galaxy Note 5 with a microSD card slot, while the regular single-SIM model did not have one, it would have given users hope that perhaps the Galaxy S7 coming next Spring, might have a microSD card slot. The reason many were hoping for a Dual-SIM model to feature a microSD card slot, is the fact that many other manufacturers – especially in China – have been able to double the second SIM slot as a microSD card slot. And it works pretty well.

Compared to the Galaxy Note 4, there are quite a few features that were taken out of the Galaxy Note 5. Including the microSD card slot, removable battery as well as the IR Blaster. There have been a few users upset over the lack of the IR Blaster, but no where near as many compared to those upset about the lack of a microSD card slot and a removable battery.

The Galaxy Note 5 is arguably one of the most anticipated devices of the year. It’s right up there with the new Nexus devices which will be coming later this year. Even with Samsung going with the same design as the Galaxy S6, some users are still upset over the announcement. However, with our limited hands on time with the device, it felt really great in the hand, and it’s noticeably smaller than the Galaxy Note 4, which has the same size display as the Galaxy Note 5. Pretty surprising, right? The Galaxy Note 5 is going to be available this Friday from a slew of retailers and carriers. And if you pre-ordered, your device is likely already on its way to your doorstep, or already there. A pretty decent showing from Samsung there, if you ask us.