Fixing PenGate with the Galaxy Note 5

August 28, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

This week, the big story around the web has been about the S Pen and the Galaxy Note 5. It was discovered that if you insert the S Pen backwards into the Galaxy Note 5, you can break the sensor that tells the smartphone that the stylus was removed from the device. And some even got their S Pen stuck inside the Galaxy Note 5. While some are calling it a design flaw, there is a way to get the S Pen back out without breaking the sensor, well the sensor could still break.

A YouTube Channel by the name “How2Tech” has a video showing us how to get the stuck S Pen out of the Galaxy Note 5 without taking apart the device. Basically what he does is takes a thin piece of paper and slides it inside the S Pen silo to get the S Pen unstuck. Now the reason why it gets stuck is because of the way the sensor inside the Silo is positioned. It catches in between the end of the S Pen and the clicking mechanism on the stylus. Which makes it a pretty big deal. So if you slide in a piece of paper on top of the S Pen, you can then wriggle it lose from the sensor.

This whole PenGate thing shouldn’t be an issue. And it’s really easy to avoid. Just put the S Pen back into the Galaxy Note 5, the pointy part first. The same way it was done on every other Galaxy Note. It’s not really an issue or a design flaw, but perhaps Samsung should have made a way to keep the S Pen from being able to go in backwards, into the Galaxy Note 5. Either way, you can watch How2Tech’s video below for how to remove the backwards S Pen, if you did actually put it in backwards.

The Galaxy Note 5 is a great device, and a popular one. Like with other popular devices, people are looking for issues with it. Just look at the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. People started bending them and then came BendGate. It’s simple here guys, just insert the S Pen the proper way, and you won’t have any issues with it getting stuck.