Firefox 40 for Android Tweaks Navigation and More

Firefox AH 01

Despite the fact that Google is of course the mastermind behind Android, the platform has never been locked down like Apple’s iOS on the iPhone and iPad. That gives us freedom to use whichever apps we like and make them default without any hassle, aside from the fact of having to choose the right app when we want it. When it comes to web browsers on Android, we have our choice of all sorts. There are browsers that focus on speed, focus on privacy, focus on offering up a way to get Flash content on your Android device and more. In terms of the “all-rounders” of the web browser game, Android has Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera to choose from. Firefox has recently updated on Android to version 40.

This is a bigger update for those that have just took the plunge to Windows 10, where Mozilla seem to have taken control back from Microsoft after their changes to the default browser settings. If you’re a fan of Cortana, she’ll know work just fine with Firefox 40. For us Android users however, we’re treated to less exciting and important updates. Holding down forward or back will now bring up a list of previous websites, rather than just going back one page, making navigation a little easier. As well as this, JPEG images now take up less memory and are rendered quicker as a result. Plus, there’s the usual amount of security fixes as well, which should please users of Firefox. The next version of Mozilla’s browser for Android should arrive in the Fall.

Whether or not you have a history of using Firefox on Windows during the bad days of Internet Explorer, or you’re just looking for something new, Firefox is worth looking into on Android. It’s not quite as immediate as Chrome is in use, but it’s a smooth overall experience with a subtle and pleasant smooth scroll to it as well. It’s free to download of course, and if you use Firefox on your PC or Laptop, you can enjoy tab sync just as you would when using Google Chrome.