Final Fantasy Record Keeper Gains Tons Of New Features

Final Fantasy is easily one of the most popular RPG franchises of all time, and part of that is because of the engaging, immersive gameplay and complex storylines which players can become engrossed with. Another huge piece of that popularity is the memorable battles which have been present in basically every Final Fantasy game. For those who enjoyed the battles over all else, Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a free title for Android which should be on your radar, especially now since it just went through it's second large update and added in a ton of new features.

One of the first that you may recognize are that enemies now have HP bars. Prior to today's update when you faced off against enemies in battle you couldn't see their health bars, which wasn't necessarily a deal breaker for some but it might have annoyed others. Now with the inclusion of enemy HP status' you can always be aware of how much life your foes have left before you win the fight. Another major change revolves around Soul Breaks. For those who haven't played the game yet, Soul Breaks are your special abilities but could only be used while equipped with specific gear. In this update you can now work to master your favorite Soul Break attacks and use them in battles no matter which weapons you have equipped. This should make things much more enjoyable so you aren't limited to your weapon choices just because of the inclusion (or lack) of a special ability. In total you can master and bring with you four Soul Breaks, so you can't use them all and you'll have to pin down your favorites.

This update also adds in an option for you to toggle "always-on" auto battles if you prefer to let the battles play out as they may. Other things include increased inventory limits so you can carry more stuff, and added options for skipping between characters in battles. You might also notice a new "remove all" option which lets you unequip your items and gear from one or all characters. Once you play for a bit and level up your characters, you'll get the ability to start collecting and equipping materia (an item which adds special enhancements) and you can now see a list of all the materia that the game has and how to unlock them. If you're an existing player the timed events are another place you'll notice a change as you can see what level requirements or recommendations there are for entering specific timed events dungeons. Lastly, there has been some balancing of characters as well for Squall, Vanille, Snow, Cyan and Celes.

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