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Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the web, and they have all kinds of content there for everyone to enjoy. Additionally there are plenty of third-party apps available. While Reddit doesn't actually have an Android App, other than for their Ask Me Anything posts. But there are plenty of other apps available.

Viddit for Chromecast

This is a rather interesting app for Reddit. It basically allows you to watch videos from your favorite subreddits on your TV using Chromecast. It's pretty cool, and one has to wonder why none of these other apps have included Chromecast functionality.

Reddit is Fun

This is a holo-themed Reddit app, it doesn't look bad, but the rage is in Material Design these days. It does have a beta version that's available and it's listed in the description of the app on Google Play. Reddit is Fun also has support for tablets as well as a widget just in case you wanted to keep up with your favorite reddits from the homescreen.


This is one of my favorite apps, and it's built by OneLouder apps. It's a very easy and simple to use Reddit app, with just about every feature you could have hoped for. Including full-screen swiping for Gifs and pictures, which is one of my favorite features.

Flow for Reddit

This is a pre-beta build, so expect bugs. But it is a pretty well done app for Reddit. It also has YouTube support, which is a pretty big feature. Also features an image viewer as well as an easy way to vote up or down threads in different subreddits.

Slide for Reddit

This is the reddit app that I've been using recently. It's a really great app and is fully material design. You can also edit the color themes used in the app. Slide for Reddit makes it very easy to view different threads in each subreddit, as well as reply, and up or down vote these threads.

Sync for Reddit

While it's not Material Design, it is using the beautiful cards interface. It is also optimized for tablets, so those of you looking to use Reddit on your tablet, this is a great one to use. Of course, the normal features are there including commenting, upvoting and adding new threads.

Now for reddit

Now for Reddit - which was previously known as Reddit Now - has all kinds of great features here. But the biggest feature being the fact that it is optimized for tablets. Something a lot of apps don't feature. You can also browse Imgur pictures and Gfycat gifs from the app which is a big part of many subreddits.

Relay for Reddit

This is another tablet-optimized Reddit app for Android, and actually uses the dual-pane UI, which looks pretty nice. The app also includes quite a few moderator features allowing moderators a certain level of control including bans, which is something that not every Reddit app out there includes. You can also use multiple Reddit accounts with this app.

Ask Me Anything

This is Reddit's official AMA app. It basically is only here for the AMA subreddit. Where famous people come in and let everyone ask them anything they could possibly want. It's a pretty useful feature, and one that really sets Reddit apart from other sites and services out there right now.


Reddinator is an app that also has a few widgets, for those that are really addicted to Reddit. The app is easy to use and very customizable to your liking. It includes seamless account integration, so you can have all of the subreddits you subscribe to at your fingertips. Also easily works with multiple accounts.

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