Featured Review: Tronsmart Quick Charge 2.0 Product Collection


Having to recharge your batteries is a fact of life in many respects.  Sometimes you need a good vacation to charge you back up, or sometimes you literally just need a charger ASAP to get your favorite smartphone or tablet back up and running as soon as possible.  While we can't offer you a free vacation right now or anything, we'd like to point you in the direction of Tronsmart's latest charger collection if you're looking for the latter of the two previous descriptions.  Tronsmart's latest collection features official Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 certification, meaning your device will charge faster and more safely than some run-of-the-mill charger out there.  Even the latest smartphones don't always last a day, so just because you've got the latest and greatest doesn't mean you should go without some extra chargers.



Qualcomm maintains an official list of Quick Charge 2.0 certified devices for use with these types of quick charging adapters, but if you're device isn't on the list don't worry because these still have a special way to charge your device almost as quickly.  We've got some special deals and coupon codes for each of the devices below, straight from Tronsmart, so be sure to use them if you want to order any of these chargers!  Since your journey in life is likely to have you end up running out of a battery somewhere in a car, let's begin by taking a look at the 4-port Rapid Car Charger.

4-Port Rapid Car Charger


Sometimes charging one phone or device isn't enough, and that's where the 4-port Rapid Car Charger comes in.  Packing a whopping 54W of power to make this the most powerful car charger in the world, the Tronsmart 4-port charger holds one QuickCharge 2.0 port that delivers up to 18W of power and reduces charging time by 75%.  The other three ports are VoltIQ ports and each deliver up to 12W each, or 5W/2.4A maximum, intelligently discovering the correct amount of voltage for your device and adjusting as necessary.  Using all four slots at once works like a charm and charges the connected devices as advertised.



The build quality of the charger is solid and weighty, although not too heavy or obtuse.  It's a big enough design that it won't get misplaced or lost in the car as some of the smaller chargers could, but not too big where it wouldn't fit in a glove compartment either.  The box comes with a single 3.3ft/1M USB to microUSB cable that fits most Android phones and tablets, and of course you can use other USB cables to charge including ones for iOS devices.  The components inside protects against over-current, over-heating, over-voltage, and short-circuiting.  The Quick Charge 2.0 port is blue and well marked to ensure you know which one is best to use on said devices.

The 4-Port Rapid Car Charger usually retails for $19.99, but if you use coupon code SQ73QELY when purchasing the product over at Amazon you can get it for just $12.99, a massive $7.00 markdown on the price!  This deal goes from 8/21/15 (12am PDT) until 8/27/15 (11:59pm PDT), so be sure to act in the next week if you want it.



USB Rapid Car Charger


Maybe you're just looking to quickly charge one phone or tablet and not bother with all those extra ports and cost.  For about half the price of the 4-port charger above you can get the tiny single-port USB Rapid Car Charger from Tronsmart.  This little charger comes in at a barely there 0.45 oz, or 12g, but still feels solidly build and well made.  This isn't a cheap, hollow plastic charger, it feels like there are actual quality components inside.  The standard car adapter plug on one end meets with a slightly tapered edge near the USB port at the top of the device, offering a fit that's just long enough to be able to grab without fumbling it around.



Like the 4-port charger's single fast port, this little charger packs a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 officially certified port that's rated at 18W but also supports varying voltage rates via its VoltIQ sensor.  These range from 5V/2A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A when needed by a device.  Just as the 4-port charger protects against over-current, over-heating, over-voltage, and short-circuiting, so does the USB Rapid Car Charger.  This one also comes with a single 3.3ft/1M USB to MicroUSB cable that fits most Android phones and tablets out there.  While the port is blue denoting Quick Charge 2.0 capability, it still adjusts automatically when needed.

Normally the USB Rapid Car Charger retails for $11.99, but using coupon code U7D2ZQO2 when purchasing it through Amazon will net you a $3.00 discount, bringing it down to $8.99!  This deal goes from 8/21/15 (12am PDT) until 8/27/15 (11:59pm PDT), so be sure to act in the next week if you're interested.



USB Rapid Wall Charger


Every time you run low on battery won't always be in a car, and Tronsmart knows that.  That's why they made the USB Rapid Wall Charger to quickly charge your devices using a standard wall outlet.  It might be a running joke in the industry to be roped up to a wall outlet in an airport or bus station waiting for your transportation to arrive and all while trying to get just enough juice in to make the ride comfortable.  Using the Quick Charge 2.0 port on your certified phone gets a 60% charge in just 30 minutes. Enough of one to surely get you through even the longest flights while jamming to tunes.  Just like the others even if your device isn't Quick Charge 2.0 certified, the charger will adjust voltage to what's going to safely charge your device in the quickest way.



The charger looks similar to what Motorola packed into the Nexus 6's box mixed with a bit of an Apple look in there too.  A matte plastic covers the casing and the weight of the device is even keeled, with tight prongs that ensure this won't just fall out of the outlet that it's plugged sideways into.  As always there's built-in protection for over-current, over-heating, over-voltage, and short-circuiting, so no worries about safety here.  Just like the previous chargers too we're looking at an automatic voltage adjustment between 5V/2A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A, or of course the full 18W Quick Charge 2.0 rating when available.  Again the blue port denotes Quick Charge 2.0 capability but auto adjusts if necessary.  A single 6ft/1.8M cable is included in the box ensuring that you won't have to be right up against whatever outlet you're charging from, but rather a comfortable distance away for relaxing while charging.

Normally retailing for $14.99, we've got a coupon code G7ZZSYYP for you that will take $6.00 off the Amazon price listing, making this only $8.99!  That's one seriously incredible deal, but it's only available from 8/21/15 (12am PDT) until 8/27/15 (11:59pm PDT), so be sure to act on it quickly!



3-Port Travel USB Rapid Wall Charger


While it seems like this one would just be the same as the above wall charger with more ports, there's actually a bit more to the 3-port charger than you might initially think.  First of all, the prongs on the charger fully retract into the body, ensuring that this is the absolute ideal charger to take when traveling.  No worrying about bending those prongs on accident when your bag gets thrown onto the plane. And the solid construction can take a beating too.  This one weights a little bit more than the single outlet wall charger, but Tronsmart intelligently placed the plug so there would be extra leverage against the wall it's plugged into, ensuring that it shouldn't fall out even though it's heavier.  There's even a little LED light that lights up green when plugged in to let you know everything is working A-OK with the device.


The back of the charger contains 3 ports, one of which is a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 certified port while the other two are the same VoltIQ ports from the above devices.  All three adjust to the proper voltage but the top one is the only one that provides the full 18W Quick Charge 2.0 voltage.  Those looking to travel with this bad boy will be happy to note that it fully supports 100-220V outlets, so anywhere in the world you go you can rest assured in the knowledge that your devices will charge safely.  There's also a 6ft/1.8M USB to microUSB cable packed inside the box so you don't have to go without one.

What normally retails for $19.99 is marked down to $13.99 via our $6.00 coupon code 9SNDK5L6 when you purchase it through Amazon.  Like the other deals these only last from 8/21/15 (12am PDT) until 8/27/15 (11:59pm PDT), so be sure to grab it as soon as possible!


5-Port Desktop USB Charger


While it's nice to have a charger plugged into the wall and all, sometimes it's just more convenient to have a hub located closer to where you're actually working.  Desk warriors around the world will understand the plight of having to crawl under the desk to hunt for the power outlet every time they need to plug in. So Tronsmart has put together a nice little desktop package to keep things neat and tidy on your desk all while giving you 5 easy to reach charging ports.  Of course one of these charging ports is that familiar blue Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 port that's set to charge your supported phones 75% faster, while the other 4 auto adjust voltage as needed.


The box itself sits horizontal on the desk with all 5 USB ports placed vertically.  The box seems to be intended to sit against a wall at the edge of a desk, as there are no rubber feet at the bottom to keep it stationary in the middle of a glass or wood desk for instance.  A single power cable and a 6ft/1.8M USB to microUSB cable are included in the box, as well as some nice Velcro wire ties to keep things tidy.  While there's no status light on here like with the travel charger the design is similar enough, as a matte black finish all around meets the Tronsmart logo up top and looks right on just about any desk.

While this is the most expensive of Tronsmart's new collection at $29.99, our $10.00 coupon code O9N6W3PY will bring that price down to an even more affordable $19.99 when you purchase it over at Amazon.  Don't forget to grab it ASAP though, as this deal only lasts from 8/21/15 (12am PDT) until 8/27/15 (11:59pm PDT).


MicroUSB to USB 2.0 Cable 6-Pack


Every device comes with a USB cable, but they only last so long before becoming worn out or lost.  Let's not forget how short USB cables can be sometimes, forcing you to hang right next to an outlet while trying to simultaneously use and charge the device in question.  Tronsmart makes a great little inexpensive multi-pack of these cables that come in varying lengths, and it only costs $8.99!  Going to your nearest office goods store might net you a single one for that price, and it's likely a single measly 3.3ft/1M cable too.  This box contains two of each length cable: 1ft/0.3M, 3.3ft/1M and 6ft/1.8M.  This last set of cables in particular are a traveler's friend, and each cable is built very well with thick shielding that's likely to last a good long time.  These cables are made to withstand the full Quick Charge 2.0 18W current without issue, so any mobile device you're charging will receive the full voltage allotted to it.

Last but not least, this incredible cable set usually costs a paltry $8.99, but with our $2.00 coupon code R2AGEMZA you can get the whole 6-pack of cables from Amazon for only $6.99.  That's some pretty insane value, especially as these are higher voltage cables, but the coupon only lasts from 8/21/15 (12am PDT) until 8/27/15 (11:59pm PDT) so be sure to grab it ASAP too!