Featured Review: Choetech Reversible Wall Charger

Most of the hooplah surrounding the brand new USB Type C connector is based around the fact that it's reversible.  Besides the inherent increase in charging ability or data transfer speed, the new USB standard brings about a brand new type of connector that's found in the middle of the connecting head rather than placed on a single side like the old USB cables have for a long time now.  This solves the age old problem of having to turn the USB cable over a dozen times or so before it finally wants to fit into the port, something that's admittedly a first world problem but one that's finally been solved.  But what about all those old USB cables that everyone still has lying around?  We've still got to use them in the microUSB ports on our phones, so what about the large sized regular USB end that gets plugged into the charging or data outlets?

Choetech has the answer, and it's rather ingenious too!  Just like USB Type C, the connector inside the new Choetech C0043 Adaptive Fast Wall Charger sits right in the middle of the outlet and houses connector pins on both sides.  This means that your USB cable will fit in no matter what orientation you have it in, a solution that's both elegant and fantastic at the same time.  On top of this the new charger itself houses a new set of circuitry that's designed to not only detect and adapt the voltage and amperage based on what your phone is designed to handle, but it also protects against overcurrent, overfoltage, overheating, over-charging and even provides short-circuit protection as well.  This advanced charger is built with the normal Choetech build quality, so if you've ever used one of their products you know they're high quality and work quite well.  We've reviewed quite a few Choetech products and have been pleased with all of them.

These new components also feature compatibility with Qualcomm's QuickCharge 2.0 charging technology that's designed to fully charge your phone in as little time as possible.  This ramps the output up to 9V/1.67A, maxing out that charging speed based on Qualcomm's specifications for the program.  The list of phones that support quick charge can be found on Choetech's site at the source link below, but just in case your phone doesn't handle this capability the charger can still ramp up to a maximum of 5V/2.4A for other phones.  There's also an 18-month warranty that comes with the charger, something that's not commonly seen on what's normally considered a pretty disposable device.  Choetech offers the charger in a number of configurations based on the country you order for too, so if you need a European, US or other standard it's just a click away.

The charger itself worked exactly as advertised and was able to quickly charge all my devices no matter what size or shape, so long as it accepted USB charging of course.  Everything from a smartwatch to a tablet charged just fine with this charger and charged quickly too; even the ones not officially on the QuickCharge 2.0 list.  The charger comes in both black and white colors to match the look you're going for in your home or office, and is offered in a small, light, unobtrusive box that plugs in with the cable pushing straight out.  My box only included the charger itself, no USB cable, but it's likely you've already got tons of USB cables that'll work fine with this product anyway.  If you're interested in picking one up at Amazon you can find it here: Choetech Reversible Wall Charger

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