FCC Filings Suggest New Nest Thermostat Will Arrive Soon

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It looks like Nest is almost ready for to show the world an updated Nest Thermostat.  Thursday Nest revealed in an FCC filing that it has a new device but asked the agency to keep all information including pictures and user manuals a secret until it can be announced.  All the information we have is the FCC ID which is ZQAT30.  To anyone off the street that doesn’t mean anything but to the insiders in the tech field it didn’t take long to figure out that the “AT” in the past has stood for thermostat.  So there is not much information working for us here but it looks like the best possible answer right now.  Other product lines from Nest have different ID’s so it looks like this is a new thermostat which is similar to other thermostats and keeping its circular shape.  

For anyone who has yet to see a Nest thermostat or totally understand what they can do the answer to that is endless possibilities.  Now some people will ask why am I going to pay so much for a simple thermostat but they don’t understand just how cool this device is.  So to start the Nest Thermostat controls your heating and cooling systems just like any other thermostat.  That is the basic function of this whole thing.  You can now control your system by using your smartphone, internet, or SmartWatch.  This is the ultimate device for any couch potato out there.  You can also use internet recipes from IFTTT (If This Then That) which makes the options almost endless of what you can do with your Nest.  There are partner companies that equipping their devices with the ability to talk with Nest.  Your washer and dryer, garage door, and yes even your car will all pair with Nest and perform different predescribed functions.

Now Nest is part of the Alphabet family (formerly Google) and this is shaping up to be the first device released under the new Alphabet umbrella but that shouldn’t change what we expect from them.  The Nest team produces a lot of great products which all pair nicely with the growing smart, home, watch, phone world.  

There were reports last month about Apple pulling Nest products off their shelves and thought it was due to the Google vs Apple rivalry but it could be something as simple as they were making room for new Nest products.  Anything is possible in this day and age with the speed of news and the information superhighway we have today there are a few different options to this story but what we do know is Nest has something new in the works and I am sure it will be a hit like previous products.