FCC Filings Reveal Two Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatches Coming

August 28, 2015 - Written By John Anon

There has been a lot of talk of late about Samsung’s latest smartwatch. The company already has a number of smartwatches that have hit the market, however, the latest one, the Gear S2 is seen by many to be a departure away from the previous Samsung smartwatches. With the most obvious departure being the use of a round watch face compared to the more oblong ones Samsung had used in the past. As such, the hype around this smartwatch is much the same as it was prior to the launch of the Galaxy S6, which again was touted as a departure away from its predecessors.

Well, a few days ago, the first image appeared online showing the Gear S in a real-life setting. Today, a couple of new FCC filings that have emerged suggest that there will be two different versions of the smartwatch. For those wondering, the two models which have been noted are the SM-R720 and SM-R732. While it is largely expected that the SM-R720 is what is being commonly referred to as the Gear S2, it is being suggested that the SM-R732 could arrive as the ‘Gear S2 Classic’. In terms of the difference between the two, little is known although it is possible that the second model, the SM-R732, aka Gear S2 Classic, is actually the Samsung Orbis, which was highly reported on earlier in the year.

One interesting factor is that the FCC filings seem to suggest that neither variant of the Gear S2 will come sporting cellular functions. This was a feature of the original Gear S and it was reported a few days back that the Gear S2 was rumored to be coming with the same cellular feature. If the current fillings are correct, this is not going to be the case and instead both variants will be reliant on a WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Either way, with the company largely confirming that the Gear S2 will be unveiled at IFA next week, it won’t be long until these details are confirmed or disproved. However, the question now is whether there will actually be two variants of the Gear S2 shown off at the event.