This Is What To Expect From IFA 2015 This Week

IFA 2015 OEM Collage

IFA is literally just around the corner as official event happening are due to begin on Wednesday September 2nd and carry through the week, and with that there will a number of different smartphone and consumer electronics OEMs at the show to unveil new products and technologies for the rest of the year and the following year. Thought to be announced at the show was Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch which was actually announced officially today, although it is possible they could end up having it on display at the event for anyone attending that wants to see it. As for the rest of what's going on, there will quite a bit to see from various companies like Acer, Sony, ASUS, Huawei and more.

Starting Wednesday, it seems the event will be kicking off with a press conference from Acer. This begins at 5AM ET, which will be 2AM PT here on the west coast, 4AM CT, 3AM MT, and 11AM CET. As per usual Acer is slated to show off a range of new items, and consumers and attendees can expect to see some new smartphones among them. Also likely to show up are at least one new tablet and a collection of new Acer Chromebooks as well. Next up would be the press conference from ASUS which starts at 6:30AM ET/3:30AM PT, and as for what they'll be announcing ASUS has already teased a number of new things including the new ZenWatch 2, what's thought to be a new two-in-one, and possibly a new tablet and new smartphone, thought to be the new PadFone. They could have any number of other products on display as well.


Huawei's scheduled to hold their press conference at 8:30AM ET/5:30AM PT, and one of the things they should be displaying is the highly anticipated Huawei Watch which is their Android Wear smartwatch that was announced earlier this year. Sony's press conference comes next and is slated to begin at 10:15AM ET/7:15 PT, and the biggest devices from them expected to be announced are their range of new flagships including the Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact, and a third model dubbed the Xperia Z5 Premium featuring a 4K display. There is no confirmation on any of these products yet obviously, but there have been numerous leaks suggesting they'll show up at the event.

Lenovo's press conference takes place on the second as well, and is supposedly going to be their biggest event for 2015. It starts at 13:30PM ET/10:30AM PT. The company is expected to be showing off a wide collection of new devices including smartphones and tablets, as well as PC's and some devices which haven't yet been classified. Perhaps one of the biggest OEMs at the conference will be Samsung, and their press conference is taking place on the second day of IFA, Thursday September 3rd, at 13:00PM ET/10:00AM PT. Since Samsung has already officially announced the Gear S2 smartwatch earlier today, this is likely when people will get to see more details about the device, and it's possible Samsung could have other stuff to unveil, although most of their biggest products for the rest of the year have already been outed.

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