Europe Might Get A Less Powerful Version Of The Note 5

August 28, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

Ever since the Galaxy Note 5 was officially announced by Samsung it has been the subject of many themes. First of all, the industrial design that the company chose for its newest phablet makes the phone look great and to make it smaller than its predecessor is an engineering achievement. But some sacrifices had to be made, the phone is now more fragile and for the first time, the phablet lacks a memory card slot to expand its internal storage and the battery is no longer removable, both aspects might upset some power users. Speaking of the design, the new S-Pen has also created some controversy as it can now fit backwards completely ruining the device’s mechanism, not that anyone would want to insert it that way and it’s definitely not commended. Finally, the availability of the phone was criticized as the company stated that the Note 5 was not heading to Europe, leaving consumers of that region who would want a large screen phone with the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and no stylus functionality.

The decision was taken apparently after some studies suggested that Europeans don’t need the S-Pen as much as users from other regions. But now, some reports suggest that Samsung might be reconsidering this decision. A model SM-N920F has been spotted in some regulatory documentation and in benchmark tests and if past models are any indication, the models ending with an “F” are usually the European variants. The document includes a request for 180 days of confidentiality, as the report indicates, so the Note 5 might arrive in Europe until next year, which coincides with what was previously rumored.

However, the Geekbench test for the SM-N920F shows us some rather strange results. The amount of RAM for that model is 2698 MB, suggesting that this particular model will launch with 3 GB instead of the 4 GB included in other versions. It might as well be a mistake from the benchmark test or it could be an early prototype of the device. Perhaps Samsung is indeed considering launching the device with less RAM in that region, so once again, Europeans will have to make sacrifices on devices from the company, they would have the choice to buy the Galaxy S6 Edge+ with 4 GB of RAM or a 3 GB version of the Note 5 with the added functionality of the S-Pen. It’s probably still too early to talk about it, but lately, Samsung’s decisions are a little peculiar.