eMax Mini To Become UMi's First Snapdragon-Powered Handset

UMi eMax Mini 1

UMi has been releasing rather interesting devices lately. Their latest offerings are UMi eMax, UMi Iron and UMi Hammer S. We've already reviewed the first two devices, and the latest one launched quite recently. All of these devices are capable, well-specced and affordable, which makes UMi as a company that much more interesting. That being said, our source at the company sent us new info regarding one of their upcoming handsets, the UMi eMax Mini, which is also the first time we hear about this smartphone.

According to the available info, the UMi eMax Mini will be the first handset to sport Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC on the inside. Now, the source told us that this will be a 64-bit octa-core SoC by Qualcomm, and it's quite possible we're looking at the Snapdragon 615 SoC here. The UMi eMax was a mid-range device, and the Snapdragon 615 would actually fit quite nicely in its sibling. The inclusion of Snapdragon 810 is also possible, but highly unlikely.


Considering this is a 'mini' handset, we're guessing that its display will be somewhere between 4.7 and 5-inches big, and will sport a rather powerful battery, 3,000mAh+. Interesting enough, UMi has also released a teaser image on their official Facebook page, and you can see the device in the flesh. As far as the design goes, this quite probably won't awe you or anything like that, but it looks quite nice. Anyhow, the company has promised that they'll release more info about this smartphone soon, and unfortunately we still don't know when will it launch, but judging by UMi's previous timeframes, it might arrive in the next month or so.

There you have it, the UMi eMax Mini is going to launch soon. Judging by its predecessors specs, this will be a mid-range device, but significantly more compact than the original eMax. Stay tuned for additional details, we'll report back as soon as we hear something.

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