eBay Is Letting You Request Access To Their 4.0 Beta App

eBay is good for a great many things. From buying to selling, across the board there is a wealthy treasure trove of all kinds of products whether it's electronics you're looking for or a vintage piece of clothing you just can't find anywhere else. eBay's mobile app has been available for a long time now, but like any other company with an app and a development team, they're continually updating it to improve the user experience with new features and added performance improvements. Their latest version of the app which should bring users up to version 4.0 is nearly ready for the big time, and once eBay has completed beta testing they'll likely end up rolling it out to users on their respective app stores.

If you're interested in getting your hands on the 4.0 beta, you can do that. You can't just download it though. It isn't available in the Play Store yet and unlike other apps or games that give users the ability to sign up for the beta via a Google+ community, the eBay 4.0 is a closed beta which means you won't immediately be granted access. To be considered for the beta you have to submit a request form, but luckily for those who hate request forms this one only has a few questions on it.

You simply enter in which device platform you want to use the app on (iOS or Android), your email address, and the country you reside in and hit submit. Yep, that's all there is to so things are quick and easy. At this point it's a waiting game as eBay tells you that you'll be contacted by a partner with a download link to the closed beta. Unfortunately this leaves everybody (except those included in the beta) without any details as to what this version of the app includes so we can't tell you what new changes or features to look forward to. If you regularly use eBay and were interested in signing up for the closed beta for the 4.0 app version, you can find the submission request form from the link below to get things started.

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