EA Launches New Season Of Madden NFL Mobile Today

August 19, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz


If you love mobile games and you love the NFL, there’s no better place to be than EA’s Madden NFL Mobile. The visuals are tight and crisp, and users seem to find that the gameplay is generally quite good compared to most other football games out on the platform. If you’re already a Madden NFL Mobile player than you likely share these sentiments, and you’ll be happy to know that EA has just launched a new season of the game today which brings in a handful of new changes and additions to look out for. The update should be live already as well, so if you’ve got some free time you can dig right in.

Among some of the new features which include new live events for players to engage in, spontaneous challenges, a new receiver mode, and legacy team challenges, EA boasts that the new season also includes other new modes and features aimed at helping players feel like they’re having an “authentic” experience in the game. A new season also means a new team setup which means everyone can start fresh. EA notes that you won’t need to download any new apps if you’re already a player of the game, simply update the app you already have installed and the new season will be enabled.

One of the highlighted new features which players should find interesting are the inclusion of the spontaneous challenges. EA wouldn’t give details on all challenges of course, so players will still have to engage with the game to find out all the challenges that pop up. They do give off an example though, stating that players may be met with a challenge to make a 20 yard pass during a drive. Completing this challenge would bring in-game rewards. Madden NFL Mobile also now includes a change to the kicking game which EA states has been revamped, as well as new NFL PAT rules. Players should notice other performance improvements too, like the enhanced pass input detection. If you’re not already playing the game, it’s available for free on the Play Store and should have all the new season stuff enabled from the start.